A Long Rest

there came a day

when my heart was heavy

and my legs were weary

I had pushed on and on and on

and needed to rest

I spied a stone wall

covered in vines

the stones were all

cut from one quarry

same minerals, unique shapes

I approached

and wondered where the door

to the secret garden hid

the grass below the wall was green

and well tended

so I sat and leaned back

the rocks fit me perfectly

as though hewn to fit my body

before I knew it

I had fallen asleep

like Rip Van Winkle

I slumbered on and on and on

the rocks that had fit perfectly at first

began to dig into my flesh

the vines which had been my pillow

began to twine around my arms and neck

pulling me close and choking me

finally I awoke

and realized how uncomfortable

my haven had become

I struggled against the vines

and cut myself on the rocks

leaving my blood and flesh

behind on the stones

now I walk free again

but the vines left imprints on my flesh

and the stones left their scars

a lifelong reminder

that overstaying

where you were once comfortable

is just as bad

as never stopping to rest

in the first place




Poem, photo, and henna by me.

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