Mind the Gap

Once you have been on the London Underground a couple of times you will never be able to get the sound of the announcer’s voice out of your head. A clear, ringing English accent that sounds almost like a blend between human and computer voices. “Mind the gap,” she warns each and every time the doors open. My overactive imagination couldn’t help but jump straight to visualizing the horrible scenario that would occur should someone miss and slip down. I saw one of my legs slipping between the train and the platform, my other leg twisting painfully underneath me as I fell.


Luckily for me I never had to experience such an event nor have I ever witnessed one. Not physically anyways. I am an expert at falling into pits of writers block or a clogged pipe of creativity. Ideas flow so steadily from my mind that sometimes I hardly have a moment to execute them. Scenes, ideas, characters, all dancing together behind my eyes. There are times I cannot write or type fast enough to keep up with the bullet train of thought that circles my cerebrum.
Similarly when I draw up the plans for a sweater, envision a new piece of jewelry, or begin a henna design. My hands cannot keep up with my thoughts. Frustration sets in when my creation doesn’t live up to my vision. Perfectionism has long been a character flaw of mine. I have no idea why or when or what happened to make me so intent on perfection. As far back as I can remember I have been plagued with anxiety over my accomplishments or guilt at the lack thereof. Silly, I know that now. And yet I still guilt trip myself. The useless hours I spend stuck in a crevice of my own making could be spent working on making my dream come true.

Finally turning my ideas into realities.

I have never been so sure of that until recently. After over a year of being stuck in the gap of “are we or aren’t we going to start an actual business” with my two catering partners, we have finally decided that yes, we do want that. We want that together. Two months have gone past since that decision and the three of us have accomplished an enormous amount towards our goal. The manifestation of the idea spread from our hearts to our heads and we are on currently on the brink of having our own cafe space. No doubt, no more procrastination, we are making our dream happen now.


Olives are on the other side of the gap for me but that doesn’t stop me from mixing a delicious tapenade.

Having that drive, that goal, has made the other parts of my life easier. I have more motivation to write. The holes in my stories are filling up. Knitting is less monotonous as I have something besides the number of stitches to focus on. Gaps are as impossible to avoid as the falling rain. Water never killed anyone. Re-writing is done by the best of authors. Obstacles block the path of all entrepreneurs. If everything was easy, nothing would be fun. Still, I will keep my eyes out for avoidable pitfalls. No need to ruin everyone elses day by stopping the train service to pull you out of harms way.

Discover Challenge




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