Clouded Vision


I have a cloud thing. I cannot even remember when my long running fascination with floating wisps of water condensation began. All I know is that there is nothing that can sooth my heart or spark my inspiration like a cloud formation. Thick and fluffy balls of cumulus, smothering stratus and feathery cirrus. Dancing overhead, always moving and changing, never the same from one glance to the next.

Anyone that knows me already knows about this. People call me from across the city to tell me to go outside and check out the sky. Friends send me pictures they take of clouds from around the world. On my own travels I have accumulated thousands of pictures. Many of them feature the different parts of the world I was in but don’t be mistaken, I was probably aiming for the clouds first.

Sky, cloud, earth and water combining. Home sweet home in Richmond, BC.
IMG_0220 2
Cotton candy clouds. Two Coves Resort, Vancouver Island.
Winter skies mingling with snowy peaks. Lake Louise, Alberta.
A beautiful background for my first ever waterski. Two Coves, Vancouver Island.
Got up very early for this sunrise shot. Yamba, Australia.
Sunset over downtown Auckland, New Zealand.
Will o’wisps luring us into the mists. Raglan, New Zealand.
Some of the most interesting clouds I have ever seen. Queenstown, New Zealand.
Everything about this picture makes me happy. The various sizes and shapes and colours of clouds. The shadows on the mountains. The different blues of the sky in the background. Queentown, New Zealand.
I only like being the passenger on days when there are clouds to take pictures of. Somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.
Sunsets and silhouettes. Yamba, Australia.
From above they look like bouncy pillows. No wonder people used to think the angels lived on top. High above the United Kingdom.
Don’t believe the pictures of sunny castles you see on postcards for Scotland. This is what they look like when you are there. No less stunning but slightly more depressing as well. Eileen Donan Castle, Scotland.
The low-hanging clouds moving over the Old Man of Storr gave it an eerie surreal feeling the whole walk up. I kept waiting for the Faerie Court to come riding out from between the pillars.
IMG_1399 2
The sky is on fire! Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

And so the obsession continues…

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