Why a Kitchen Party?

The reasons we chose the name “Kitchen Party Cafe” are seemingly endless. The name itself came from Christie’s father. Once she heard it, she knew it was right. Later when I became involved I couldn’t agree more. It never seems to matter what the setting, every party turns into a kitchen party. It’s a natural gravitation. The food is there. The fridge containing the cold beverages is there.  Cold bites, hot dips, cheeky canapés or snappy apps, they are all born in the kitchen.

When I hear “Kitchen Party” I think about having fun with my friends while eating great food. I picture hands on play with your food fun. Salad bars, taco buffets, build-your-own-Sundae dessert tables. Melodies whistles through my ears while my toes tap the beat. Nostalgia tastes like soap bubbles from the wars my sister and I had as kids to break up the monotony of doing the dishes. I didn’t realize it but I had been attending Kitchen Parties my whole life.

In the summer of 2014, when Christie and I had our very first gig together as KPC, we were lucky enough to be living together in a large communal household. That large house (that I still live in, although Christie has abandoned me for a quieter dwelling) has a wonderfully large kitchen. Perfect for tandem cooking, a few dancing breaks and lots of counter space for cooling cookies.

After our first gig we took a sabbatical together.

Some people who work in kitchens for a living do not like to come home and cook some more, yet neither of us feel that way! We are both good at what we do and enjoy creation for the sake of it. Having lots of food around for our family, friends and visitors is an added bonus. That is not to say that all our own parties are stress free.

Buffets or plated meals create a certain amount of mess. Even the quickest of rinse-and-leave-for-later cleans involves someone throwing themselves on their sword and taking one for the team. Nobody wants to clean alone so another member of the party always makes their way into the kitchen to help. Then another stops in for a drink, stays for the conversation.

Before you know it all of your guests have abandoned your living room and are crowded around your sink. Nobody wants to miss anything, especially the arrival of dessert.

Kitchen parties are family gatherings with too many cooks in the kitchen. They are house-warming pot-luck barbecues and celebration dinners. Game nights with good friends and fantastic finger food. Every party is a kitchen party. Food is meant to be shared and enjoyed.

These are the fundamental beliefs behind our business. We want you to feel the same way. Hire us for an event, book us for a chef-led cooking class or contact us with other inquiries today.

Let us cater, so you can party!


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