The Kitchen Party Cafe

Hello and welcome to the Kitchen Party Cafe blog! We are so glad you have taken the time to check us out. The KPC is a creative catering service specializing in in-home catering. Whether you are throwing a house-warming, hosting a family dinner or crafting a surprise party, we want to cater so you can party! There is no need to stress, just dress in your best and let us do the rest, so you can enjoy the time with your guests.


Kitchen Party Cafe is co-owned and operated by Christiane Boyce and myself, Lizz Beth Ashley.  Together we create an almost unstoppable team of creativity, genius and boundless energy. How we ended up owning a business together is an interesting story in and of itself…

Christiane and I share many similarities. We are both the oldest siblings, love music, dancing, pets, and of course, cooking. We were both born in Vancouver, BC and raised in Richmond (an island suburb of Vancouver).

Long before I ever met Christiane I was friends with her youngest sister, Alicia.  The first time I met Christie was when Alicia organized a “play-date” for the two of us to meet at a drop-in ballet class. It was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship full of dancing, food and fun. All of that led us to embark on this catering adventure together.

Hire us now and join in our never-ending Kitchen Party!*

*Dancing optional.

Stay tuned for more about our journey, kitchen tips and tricks and recipes!


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